AGLL Tournament of Champions

The AGLL Tournament of Champions (TOC) includes all teams from the Intermediate, Minor AAA, and Minor AA divisions. Two teams from the Minor A division will also have a tournament. The Tee Ball divisions does not have a playoff tournament.

The top two winning teams from the Intermediate and Minor AAA divisions go on to play in the District 33 Tournament of Champions.

Intermediate TOC

All AG teams play a double-elimination bracket ending in a Championship game. The top two teams advance to the District TOC.

Congratulations to the Orioles for becoming the 2017 AG TOC Intermediate Champions!

1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


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All AG teams play a double-elimination bracket ending in a Championship game. The top two teams advance to the District TOC.

Congratulations to the Hawks for becoming the 2017 AG TOC Minor AAA Champions!

1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


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Minor AA TOC

All AG teams play a single-elimination bracket with a Championship game and a Consolation game. Playoffs for the Minor AA division end with the Championship game.

Changes for Minor AA TOC - May 28, 2017

After much consideration, we have removed the titles of Championship and Consolation games for the conclusion of the Minor AA TOC. Rather, all teams will play their last season game and enjoy this with their teams, parents, and families, knowing they all have performed at their best. Players, at this level, need to be applauded for the work they put in and their advancement in skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship. We realize this decision may not be favored by some, but is the best decision that can be made that allows the enjoyment for kids, show cases their development inspired by their manager and coaches, and keeps the age and level of play in perspective.   

We completely wear this decision and now see that the structure of the divisions imposed challenges to putting on a successful TOC. This is largely due to the small size of the teams, where we opted for smaller team sizes to allow for more repetitions and development than if more traditional team sizes were formed and players had time on the bench. As a parent of a player in Minor AA, I can tell you my son has got a ton of at-bats and defensive opportunity, and this truly added to a wonderful season with his team. Unexpected player injuries or absences, however, put teams at a disadvantage in TOC where a full line up was not possible for a couple teams. What appeared to be a simple solution, the borrowing of defensive players, only added to team advantage complexity. Please understand this was not intended, and the spirit of competition among teams was really not anticipated for this younger, more developmental division. This is only the league's second year with having the three tiered Minor division system (A, AA, and AAA), and we are still navigating our way through to see what works best. Please accept our apology.

All said, we, myself and entire AGLL Board, want to thank you for the commitment to players, teams, and league this year. Like yourselves, we are all volunteers and strive to do the best we can and learn along the way.  

The Minor AA final game schedule on Saturday, June 3, will be:

9:00am Strikeforce (Collins) will play Dragons (Edick)

12:00pm Rippers (Eidson) vs. Cub Busters (Marcelino).  

4:00pm AGLL Closing Day Ceremonies

Please enjoy these victory games for all teams and hope to see you at Closing Day.


Pete Famolaro
AGLL President

Minor A TOC

Two AG teams have chosen to play a double-elimination bracket ending in a Championship game.

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