Live Game Broadcasts

AGLL's First Live Broadcasts

In April we began experimenting with the idea of doing live video broadcasts of some games. This effort has been led by Dennis Gildehaus, who has done a wonderful job announcing the play-by-play for the games.

The broadcasts have proved quite popular. There have been many out-of-town family members able to watch their kids, grandkids, nieces, and nephews play baseball, maybe even for the first time.

We need your help to continue

Our first attempts have used Facebook Live and a borrowed iPad with an unlimited data connection.

Now we are moving to the next phase of the project, which involves getting League-owned equipment and cellular LTE service. To help us fund this special project, we are asking for donations.

Our Wish List
  Item Cost
Mevo live event streaming camera Already purchased, and it's awesome! We're collecting donations to reimburse for its $430.00 cost.
iPhone 5s or later Do you have an old iPhone 5s, iPhone SE, or newer version no longer being used and would be willing to donate it to the league? If so, please contact us.
Unlimited 4G/LTE data plan $50-$70 per month

You can donate to help cover the cost of broadcasting live games

  1. $10 donation
  2. $25 donation
  3. $50 donation
  4. $100 donation

View recent broadcast posts on our Facebook Page

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