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Our Lead League Photographer

Creigh "Ryan" McIntyre of Creigh Photography is our lead league photographer. Volunteering his time and efforts, he has been taking some awesome pictures during games this 2017 spring season.

The Spring Season 2017 Google Photos album below has many of Ryan's best pictures from the season. There are hundreds more in an album at his website.

You will need a password to see all of Ryan's pictures from the season.
(858) 688-1886

Ryan and his wife Jennifer have a son Creigh "Reid" playing in our league.

Google Photo Albums

If you have pictures from any of these events, please upload them to the albums to share with others.


Spring Season 2017

View the Album

Most of the pictures in this album are from Ryan McIntyre and Geoff Millensifer, but several others have contributed, too.


Golf & Other Fundraisers 2017

View the Album

We need more contributions to this album


Opening Day 2017

View the Album

Spring Season 2016

View the Album

Goeff Millensifer's Flickr Page

Geoff Millensifer, who's son Diego plays in our league, has taken tons of pictures every season since Spring 2015. You will often see Geoff on the fields snapping photos, not only for Diego's teams, but for many other teams as well. Geoff's girlfriend Marie has also been taking pictures on the fields recently.

Take a look at Geoff's Flickr page:

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