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We Rely on Volunteer Umpires

Everyone involved in operating AGLL is a volunteer, including our umpires. Often an overlooked aspect of the Little League program, umpiring is one of the most important. The volunteer umpire is as much a part of Little League as the volunteer manager, coach, or concession stand worker.

Our volunteer umpire create a safe and structured environment. They do this largely unrecognized to create a valuable experience for the players. We have been fortunate to have such a dedicated group of umpires who are committed to our league and community. Thank you umpires!

Who Can Umpire?

Anyone can apply to become an umpire. If you do not have any experience with being a game official, we provide training. It is not required that you have a player in AGLL to be an umpire for the league. Other family members, friends, coworkers, community members, etc. can be umpires.

Players can even begin to learn the role of being an umpire through our Junior Umpire Mentoring program.

When you serve as an umpire, you can choose what level of officiating you’re comfortable with, ranging from base umpire at the Minor division level up to plate umpire at the Intermediate division level.