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Property upkeep plans for 2017

Allied Gardens Little League is trying something different in 2017 for the maintenance of our league property. As you may know, AGLL is unique in that we own the property for our fields. There are many benefits to owning our property, but it also means all of us AGLL members are responsible for its upkeep.

The property spans over 4 acres, about half of which is non-field area and that area is highly productive in growing weeds, often yielding a few crops a year. In the past, we have tried to arrange work party events to clean up the grounds, with varying levels of success. Let’s face it, we all want to help the league however we can, but pulling weeds and picking up trash are tasks that attract little interest.

The weeds are relentless and we have even at times received abatement notices from the City Fire Department. Fines can be imposed if abatement is not performed since excess weeds create a fire hazard.

The AGLL Board recently voted in favor of establishing a budget for weed maintenance services. This budget will be funded through an assessment applied to each player’s registration—$30 for the spring season and $15 for the fall. The assessment will be included in the registration fee, so there is no separate payment.

We hope you understand the need for this service to lessen the fire hazard, lower the spread of weed pollen, improve the aesthetics of our property, and reduce, if even just slightly, demands on your lives from some of the labor-intensive tasks on the property. Some things are just worth paying for. We are all volunteers and want to focus our efforts on continuing to bring an excellent baseball and youth mentoring program to the kids of AGLL.

Please note that this assessment will only cover weed maintenance. Volunteers are still needed to help with the repair and upkeep of other parts of the property and facilities. We will continue to rely on volunteer support through dedicated individuals or scheduled work parties, but at least the weeds will be taken care of. Please continue to look for these work parties and help out where you can.

Thanks for your understanding and outstanding support for AGLL! We look forward to another great year.

Your AGLL Board

Property improvement projects underway

  1. On the bare, unused area in the north-east corner of the property the construction of a new Tee Ball field and youngster play area is already underway.
  2. We have also begun making improvements to the snack bar at the Intermediate field.
  3. We will also be adding some shade structures and new bleachers in the very near future.

Using money from our Capital Improvement Fund, which has been built up from fundraiser events like our annual golf tournament and casino night, we are making some fun additions to our property and improving spectator comfort.

New T-Ball Park Being Built

We have begun constructing a new Tee Ball Park with an enclosed area adjacent to our Minor A (Rookie) field.

  • Backfill dirt brought in
  • Old snack bar/shed torn down
  • All permits obtained
  • Retaining walls built
  • Backfill dirt leveled

A huge thanks goes to Pete and his sons Kip and Nick for doing most of the demolition work to take down the structure! Pete and sons also had help from Doug Mellinger and his kids Garrett and Ainslie, Jared Merrill, and Dennis Gildehaus. The conex storage box will be moved to this spot and a new booth built for score keepers and announcers.

Special thanks also goes to former-AGLL Board member Mark Stoneking for going the extra mile in researching, designing, and developing the new retaining wall and drainage system to be built at the site.

Allied Gardens Little League

We are a Little League organization serving the Allied Gardens and surrounding communities since 1957. We are a proud member of Little League District 33.

Allied Gardens Little League is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) California public benefit corporation and chartered Little League Organization.

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